Why Moneyworks gets our stamp of approval

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April 7, 2020


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South Africa is pretty unique in terms of its VAT System. All over the world, there are few systems to match ours, making it a very difficult option to make use of foreign accounting systems. 

We have worked on a  number of available systems in South Africa, and all seem to come up short or costly in one way or another.

They were missing the following features: 

  • Serial Number tracking.
  • Multi Warehouse (Branches).
  • Bill Of Materials.
  • Receipts.
  • Has a lack of controls allowing erasing or changing data
  • Not properly aligned to South Africa’s Banking or SARS VAT Etc.
  • In some cases you pay a lot of money (100’s of thousands) upfront, only to find you have to pay an annual license fee to keep it running. i.e. they don’t have a perpetual license, instead, they hook you in then they demand ever-increasing annual fees to keep the system you paid for up and running. So if you decide you are not getting the service or support you require, or the software is failing one way or another and you cannot get help, you still have to pay the fees to keep the system operational. That’s a Lose-Lose situation.

A list of additional apps/servers/software & other resources required to get the job done:

  • A  Windows Server
  • A Terminal Server with Multiple Users
  • A client-side RDP License
  • Exchange Server to get email on Outlook on the RDP Server
  • Anti Virus to prevent our software from being hacked
  • SQL Server to run the Software
  • Annual Support fees – for a maximum of 1 software update a year to fix their own bugs. Absolutely no new features provided, except ones you have to then buy which then cause the annual fees to go up and to allow the software I paid a lot of money for, to actually keep on running.
  • A Special version of Office 2016 that can still run in a Remote Desktop Environment, so that we could get the reports out of the accounting system (standard reports). Because Office 365 no longer supports a remote desktop environment without going to a new level of cost with Microsoft. All so that each user can click and open a report in Excel easily. 
  • We needed Outlook, which for some reason is embedded into SAGE, forcing you to use ONLY Microsoft Outlook, which you can ONLY get with Office Professional (a 4K Per user product) without which the accounting system Mail System, which you paid for, does not work.
  • We needed Firewalls to provide VPNs to access etc.
  • Many Many hours of your own IT Support companies billing to come out and fix the Pastel Sage server, which you pay support to Pastel for, but who don’t actually support the product remotely. So instead of allowing a support tech to login and fix an issue, you have to get your IT Guys out to export a backup and send this via Road Freight on a CD or Hard Drive, so that the support guys at Sage can assist.

Let’s move on to our silver lining – our light at the end of the tunnel.

Enter Moneyworks. What an incredible product. This is a company based in New Zealand. South Africas VAT System is a direct copy of the New Zealand VAT System. So it works out of the box with RSA VAT, even down to the SARS comprehensive detailed returns. It links to the South African Banking systems, getting comprehensive statement downloads. Here are some details.

  • Operating system. It runs on Apple Mac or Windows Operating system, I kid you not.
  • Has its own database, lightning-fast, and built-in.
  • Runs as a standalone application or has a Data Server option that works locally on a LAN as well as through a pathetic LTE remote connection. Can work on RDP Server or just a PC.
  • It does not require a Windows Server, runs perfectly using a Windows 10 Machine with 8 GB of RAM, no special software required. So no server software required.
  • Mail works with or without a mail client like Outlook.
  • Reports work with export options to anything from Opensource office to Excel to PDF etc. Has its own comprehensive built-in report generator and renderer. No MS Office required.
  • OK, this next feature needs an entire section dedicated to rave about. Moneyworks comes with a fully built-in scripting language. When I say built-in, I mean you can read the debtor’s input screen, stop and pop up specific questions. You can reinvent the wheel and redesign the quote system. It also has the ability to add extra modules.
  • Handles Multiple Branches, Serial number tracking, storing images with every transaction, every account. It is the most comprehensive accounting system I have seen to date. Don’t take my word for it, download it free, and run a 30-day trial. https://secure.cognito.co.nz
  • Once off purchase price, i.e. you own it. Optional annual support for some really first-class support. So you pay 15% of the purchase price for support. But you can choose to continue. Your license is perpetual regardless. It costs us less than our annual fees for Sage to buy the product for 30 users. It runs at a fraction of the cost of the previous past software. 
  • List of modules/features:
    • Debtors/Creditors Or combined as both
    • General Ledger
    • VAT System
    • Stock Control
      • Multiple Storage locations./Branches
      • Serial Number / Batch number tracking
      • Bill of Materials or Recipes
    • Job Costing that works
    • Time Management that works
    • Quotes – > Sales orders -> Job card -> Invoicing
    • Recurring transactions, Debtors and Creditors
    • Auto Bank Reconciliation
    • Multi Currencies
    • Multiple VAT Systems
    • Report Writer
    • Forms Creator and Built-in-Software script language
    • REST-API for Web development
    • Asset register with depreciation etc
    • Budgeting

So, how can we help you with integrating this incredible software into your business?

  • We support the product.
  • We do development – REST, Script, etc.
  • We can create reports and form layouts for you.
  • Assist you in converting existing data from just about any system to this one. 
  • We can set up secure access.
  • And we can set up secure backups

It is time for a change. Let us assist you in moving onto this advanced platform, we can provide live demonstrations of our live system remotely.


Click here to get in touch with us on how to implement Moneyworks into your business.