We can increase your internet speed during this time

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April 7, 2020
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April 20, 2020

It’s important to remind our customers that during the lockdown, everyone is working from home and at the same time, everyone is streaming movies, music, podcasts & gaming. Home connections are highly contended areas especially during this time. The reason for this is internet connections are shared extensively to reduce costs. During normal conditions, this means there are slow periods and fast periods depending on the number of people at home. If you are on a fiber connection with us, we are able to give you more speed. If you are on Wireless we will have to evaluate what is possible related to your nearest tower. So please do enquire with us.

For the duration of the lockdown, we will assist by increasing your packages where possible. This will give you an opportunity to test higher speeds. After the lockdown you can go back to your original speed or upgrade at a discounted rate.


We have been certified as an Essential Service Provider. So effectively we are fully operational. If you are in need of adding services to ensure business continuity while working from, please chat to us.

The below services can be provided to you:

  • Telephone services
  • VPN, working access to the office for staff
  • Internet access