VPN & remote access strategy for your business

How we will serve you during the COVID-19 pandemic
April 2, 2020
We can increase your internet speed during this time
April 7, 2020

Now that we are all operating from home, a lot of us are catching up on things that we never had time for before. However, working from home can be frustrating when you can’t access specific files and be able to operate as effectively as you did from your office. 

Everything you needed to access was connected to your LAN (a private network is your office LAN, this is a private interconnection of computers printers and servers, all situated securely in your office). Access to your server, your printers, your storage services, and each other’s computers all happened in a private space protected by a Firewall. This is why we all work from an office, it keeps all our data fast and secure.

How a VPN can help you work more efficiently from home: Using your firewall we can create a secure window into your network. Using security, passwords and authentication, we create a tunnel from your home to the office. This will allow your home computer to connect to your office network and have access to all the facilities you are accustomed to. With VPN you are going directly to your desktop. And it’s free.

Ok so now it will never be as fast as when you are at the office. Your LAN (Office network) was running at 1000 Mbps while your VPN might be at 1 or 2Mb. There are limits to the speed in which you can operate, downloading huge files or working live from your home computer to your Pastel Server will likely be so slow or not work at all. What you can do next is ensure your computers at your office are set up to provide Remote Desktop Services. All windows 10 Machines have this feature built in. You need to know your computer’s username and password and its IP Address (Unique number for your computer on your LAN) you then take your home computer, connect to the VPN, then use Remote Desktop client to access the Remote Desktop service on your office computer. And just like that you are in control of your office computer. In the next emails coming we will give you other alternatives to this.

Alternative tools: Teamviewer or AnyPC are tools used to access your private computer at the office, but these are not direct services. i.e. you are working through a foreign relay server. Teamviewer has an international proxy, routing your traffic via their system. Therefore you are actually accessing from home, to Teamviewer to office.

 We will assist you in creating this secure window into your network. We can link the VPN to your private network security, or provide individual usernames for each user. We can assist in mapping your LAN, i.e. providing the IP Addresses to your computers etc.

Redirect your VoIP calls so your calls don’t go unanswered:

If you use our VoIP services we can link your phones to your switchboard or even directly to a home phone so your calls don’t go unanswered. This could be an app running on your smartphone or home computer. In this way, you can maintain a presence for your business.

 For more information on this email us at   and use the subject line “VPN my office”. We will make contact and see how we can assist. Kindly add your name, number and your company details into the email.