Legal Documentation for Download

The following documents are available for download

Customer Information Form

The CIF is required for all new customers. One CIF for every customer that is connected. The CIF is not a legal document, its purpose is to get the accurate billing information as well as any resellers or third party contact persons, details, addresses and SOP in the event of a failure or non payment.


Master Service Agreement

The Master Service Agreement must be completed by all customers who either rent hardware, or use services that are on terms/contract. A MSA needs to be completed once per customer. The Addendum sheet will be updated from time to time as Service Orders are added to the MSA.


Blank Customer Service Order

With each new item installed, rented or service added that has a monthly contract associated, a updated Customer Service Order must be signed and attached to the original Master Service Agreement.


Master Equipment Rental Agreement

The Master Equipment Rental Agreement (MERA) is a document covering any rentals for wireless installations or Voip hardware etc. The MERA must accompany a Master Service Agreement.

This document contains the following which may be broken up and used individually.

  • Equipment rental agreement
  • Warranty agreement
  • Debit Order Application form
  • Landlord Waiver for rented goods
  • Insurance details for rented goods
  • Certificate of acceptance
  • T&C’s of Rental
  • Company Resolution documents

Standard Bronze Service Level Agreement

Unless otherwise specified, the standard Service Level Agreement for all clients is Bronze. Gold, Silver and Platinum contracts are available on request and the details of these contracts are specified in the MSA or our web site.


Debit Order Application Form

The Debit Order Application is required for all debit order clients.


Standard Terms and Conditions

Our standard Terms and conditions can change from time to time. This document should accompany most if not all communications to customers. Even as a hyperlink.


Procedures and Process flow

Our standard Terms and conditions can change from time to time. This is our standard operating procedures and expectations.


FICA Requirements

Our FICA Requirements