What is Broadband?

Wireless broadband is a high-speed Internet service that makes use of wireless technology. Previously computers in one space were connected to the Internet via cables from an internal router. With wireless LAN,(local area network) computers are connected to the Internet via frequency waves sent from an internet tower/mast to the wireless cards or aerials in computers. The advantage is that you will be linked to the Internet even in remote areas without expensive infrastructures such as cable laying.

It can be found in Internet cafes, local “hot spots” within many cities around the world, private businesses as well as in many homes.

The main advantage of having wireless broadband is that a computer need not make use of network cables to connect to the broadband modem for Internet connectivity. The wireless broadband modem receives the service and transmits it via radio waves to the surrounding area within its range.

Shaped services do NOT Support Public IP Addresses or firewall modification.

Shaped services do not support SSH, VPN, Torrents or any hosting services.

For any modified services – please select UNSHAPED

Our Broadband services do not support VoIP. We have VoIP and VPN Services which are managed differently on our network

Vlocity and Broadband

With Vlocity, our wireless broadband service is targeted at the business type user. We offer uncapped broadband services from 192kbps up to 1024kbps, VPN (Virtual Private Network) Networks and diginets equivalent links.
We manage our broadband services to ensure the links are clear of bottlenecking activities like virus, spam distribution and illegal P2P/BitTorrent traffic.

By managing these bottleneck areas and offering properly managed email solutions, our broadband service remains secure and uncapped and efficient.

Businesses benefit by having a fixed cost, unlimited access and efficient speeds 24 hours a day.
Internet access has always been a stumbling block in South Africa for small to medium sized businesses.
We have identified that businesses require a link that is stable, always online and filled with services designed to improve the performance of the company. We designed our broadband services around business needs. Offering a full-time uncapped service for all standard internet type activities. Providing a low cost uncapped service has been challenging. We have only been able to acheive it by carefully monitoring usage and preventing access to suspicious activities.

Our usage policies are specified on our wiki here.

We found that businesses do not want the hassel of variable costing. Most business want protection from staff abuse of their network and are happy to choose a service that provides this protection. In this way we are able to provide a solution which helps business manage their expenses and always have access to important functions and activities like banking.

We also identified that businesses are trying to cut back on other expenses as well. Services like VOIP and VPN’s form a major part of business activities, and business users have taken advantage of ADSL to try and accomplish this with some limited success. We have tried as far as possible to extend our network to cover the major business regions and offer alternative solutions that work more efficiently. For this reason we have separated our services to those of strictly Broadband browsing services, VPN services and VoIP services. Making each of these services separatly available and independently efficient.

Although our service is uncapped, we do not alow services like Peer to Peer for illegal downloads. We monitor for virus activities and block outgoing SPAM or Email “Bombs”. Instead we provide efficient mail distribution services.

Product Specification:


  • Shaped services do NOT Support Public IP Addresses.
  • Shaped services do not support Torrents or any hosting services.
  • Shaped services do not support VoIP


  • Support for Live/Public IP Addresses
  • Supports hosting service like mail and web hosting, although that is limited by the upload speed of the link
  • VoIP service to non related VoIP Providers is supported but cannot be guaranteed.